Kombucha – our beginning….

Kombucha came into our lives over 5 years ago and has changed us forever. Janine, my wife, received a kombucha culture from a close friend and began making and drinking kombucha in our home in Kilkenny. I noticed how quickly it made her feel and look so good. But it wasn’t until her first pregnancy that i truly realised the magnitude of kombucha’s health properties. Her friends marvelled on how it kept her strong and resilient through her pregnancy.

I became convinced that kombucha was a gift that had blessed my family and that it needed sharing with the rest of Ireland. Not only can it help restore balance to the digestive system, rejuvenate the immune system and revitalise the mind but it unlocks an enlightened way of thinking and living by putting you in touch with your body.

Through its symbiotic cycle of life with the mother and SCOBY, it’s a constant reminder that we need to seek the life force in all our food. So whether you choose to make your own kombucha from one of our SCOBY’s or purchase our ready made Ludlow & Vine products, you’ll soon discover the impact it has on your life. It may change you forever too!

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