Kombucha is an ancient fermented drink harkening from the east. There are writings that speak of ‘immortality tea’ from as far back as 200 BC in China. It is a common held belief that kombucha followed the silk route, through Russia into Europe.

Like water kefir kombucha is brewed using a culture of bacteria and yeast which is added to sweetened tea. Flavour variations are obtained from the tea, and the second ferment, which adds character and natural carbonation.

At Ludlow & Vine we use all organic tea & sugar. Our different brews use black, green and white tea in different proportions to obtain our unique tanginess! We then do a second ferment, either with fresh fruit or other flavourings to add depth and infuse our brew with compounds and volatile oils from herbs, spices and seeds.

By the time our brew is ready to drink there is very little sugar left, giving it our signature tang! Any fruit sugar that is obtained from the second ferment aids the natural carbonation in the bottle. Perfect to enjoy as an elixir anytime.