Water kefir

Water kefir is a naturally effervescent drink with probiotic cultures. Like kombucha it is brewed using a culture of bacteria and yeasts with sugared water. At Ludlow & Vine we use organic sugar, filtered well water and some treats for the grains!

We love it for it’s versatility, some people call it the healthy soda. When water kefir is brewed it tastes kind of sweet and sour, but it is the perfect conduit for all sorts of flavour infusions. We like to use seasonal fruit and herbs, using as much ‘ugly’ fruit as we can get our hands on! We also like to make spicy brews to help ward off the seasonal bugs, think turmeric, ginger and black pepper.

By the time our water kefir is ready to drink there is virtually no sugar left, the bacteria and yeast have eaten it all! The sugar that is left is natural fruit sugar and helps the yeast create a nice fizz in the bottle. Perfect to enjoy over ice, anytime.